14 Mar 2019 One stop shop! Why pay more?

Able Westchem is a Chemical Manufacturer and is open to the public at wholesale prices.

Why do we pay more by buying all our cleaning chemicals from Supermarkets and Hardware Stores... because it’s easy.  However, you are paying high prices for products which are in small packaging sizes and have lower active ingredients. 

Able Westchem is a trusted Manufacturer in Bayswater, we've created premium products that are sold in bulk sizes and are highly concentrated, so you can save so much money!  Come down to our Showroom in Bayswater.


12 Mar 2019 How to: Abolish bore stains

Looking for a product to abolish bore stains? Look no further!

RED DEVIL is a blend of acids, surfactants and performance building agents formulated for the fast and efficient removal of rail dust, bull dust, pindan dust, water stains and iron ore dust from cars and truck paintwork, as well as marine equipment, structures, bricks, concrete and machinery.

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07 Mar 2019 How to: Protect your hands' skin

Are your hardworking hands dry and tired?

It’s important to keep your hands’ skin protected and well hydrated.  Use our great new product HAZGUARD BARRIER LOTION which creates a serious increase in your skin’s natural protection by imparting a temporary hydrophobic barrier that boosts resistance & repellence of irritants commonly found in day to day living.

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26 Nov 2015 How to: Remove grease off clothes

Laundry soakers not cutting it at removing grease off your clothes?

A lot of laundry soakers do not have an ingredient in them to remove oils and fats, this is why it can almost seem impossible to do.


06 Nov 2015 Tired Bees need your help!

Have you found a tired bee? Leave out a teaspoon with some sugar water to help them on their way!


28 Sep 2015 How To: Unblock drains

Is there a funky smell creeping around your bathroom?

Do you ever experience a funky smell or odour emanating from your bathroom…? Did you know that just because your sinks and showers aren’t overflowing with water that doesn’t necessary indicate your drain is flowing smoothly and hygienically?