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Bore Stain Remover

Product Code: AC1160-5

BORE STAIN REMOVER is a NON-DANGEROUS product for the safe an efficient removal of bore and rust stains from painted, glass, masonry or concrete surfaces.

Use Recommendations

Bore stain removal & cleaning purposes.
Removing Bore Stains from Bricks or Masonry: Thoroughly wet the surface to be cleaned with copious amounts of water. This is important so the product is not sucked into the bricks or masonry which not only wastes product but may emerge later and stain the wall with white acid burn. Once the brickwork is soaked and does not absorb any
more water, dilute 1 part product with 4 parts of water to prepare a diluted solution. Swab or spray the diluted solution onto the surface working from the bottom upwards. Ensure the surface is uniformly covered as uneven application may produce streaks. Keep the surface wet with the product & allow at least 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the level of contamination to work. If surface starts to become dry apply another coat. The product
works via a chemical reaction and the surface to be kept wet with product. Once the bore stain has disappeared flush surface with copious amounts fresh water. For peace of mind and to avoid possible acid burn consider applying 10% Sodium Bicarbonate solution afterwards to neutralize the product.

Rusted Items:

Dilute 1 part product with up to 4 parts water. Apply with sprayer or
submerge parts into the solution. Allow 30 minutes to 8 hours to work. Check item/s periodical and once rust has been dissolved thoroughly wash the product from the cleaned item.

Safety Phrase

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Eco Friendly Biodegradable Product

Available Sizes: 5L, 20L

Hazardous & Non Dangerous
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Bore Stain Remover

BORE STAIN REMOVER is a NON-DANGEROUS product for the safe an efficient removal of bore and rust stains from painted, glass, masonry or more


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