HWDC – Hunter Water Dechlorination

HWDC – Hunter Water Dechlorination

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  • Eco Friendly
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  • Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: PAIL (140 Discs)|HWDC Geo Sock|HWDC Sediment Bags|

In conjunction with Hunter Water Corporation these patent pending water dechlorinating tablets are oversized Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) tablets with a specific controlled release rate used for in stream dechlorinating portable water.

Ideal for large scale users, utility providers and Government.

Use Recommendations

Vitamin C is effective at reducing all forms of chlorine and chloramines and is safe to handle.  In the aquatic environment, there is little effect on pH and no known effects on aquatic toxicity, based on reviews of literature studies (WSAA 2019; Batley et al. 2020).

100gm min weight tablets.

Use as per Hunter Water’s recommendations. For use with HWDC Geo Socks (AC1228S1) and HWDC Sediment Bags (AC1228B).

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Batley GE, Adams MS and Simpson SL. (2020). Development of water quality guideline values for total residual chlorine in freshwaters receiving drinking water discharges. CSIRO Land and Water Report EP202180, Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia, 48 pp.

WSAA (2019). Dechlorination of drinking water discharged to waterways. National Guidance for the Urban Water Industry. Water Services Association of Australia Report, 42 pp.

Safety Data Sheet

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