How To: Unblock drains

Is there a funky smell creeping around your bathroom?

Do you ever experience a funky smell or odour emanating from your bathroom…? Did you know that just because your sinks and showers aren’t overflowing with water that doesn’t necessary indicate your drain is flowing smoothly and hygienically?

Shower and basin drains are destined to clog up with gross things like hair, soap, shampoo & scum. The s-bends full up with nasty bacterias too and it all begins to release a very funky odour!

There is no excuse for smelly drains, when a simple solution is at hand. I use Able Westchem’s caustic based product called Drainkleen every 6 months, it’s brilliant. Drainkleen is designed for clearing drains blocked by grease, body fats and scum. You can even use Drainkleen to unblock your toilets because it will digest toilet paper. This product is so easy to use, you simply pour Drainkleen directly into your drain, allow it to stand for 30-60minutes and then flush with water. Drainkleen quickly breaks down the blockage and kills bacteria allowing drains to flow freely and eliminating bad smells. It is also great for the kitchen and laundry sinks. This product is highly recommend for hotels & motels.

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