Bio Dine – Iodine Disinfectant

Bio Dine – Iodine Disinfectant

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BIO DINE is an iodine based concentrate (an Iodophore) used to control a broad spectrum of bacteria, mould & fungi in intensive animal husbandry environments and brewing industry.  BIO DINE is also used for foot baths in the beauty care industry.

Use Recommendations


(Non Porous) 3mL and (Porous) 6mL of BIO DINE per litre of water.  Introduce BIO-DINE into cleaning system water using venturies, dosing pumps or by manual dosing. Spray all surfaces to ensure complete coverage. Allow two minutes contact time to work. If surface does not come into direct contact with food sources there is no need to rinse. If chemical is used on a food contact surface rinse with potable water.


To help reduce bacterial growth and odours. 12 ml per litre of fogging water (1.25%).

NOTE:– 1.25 litres of diluted BIO DINE doses 100 sqm of shedding.

At prescribed rate animals can be directly misted or fogged without removing. Introduce BIO DINE into sheds using regular cooling/ fogging system or mobile purpose built mobile foggers Tip for convection poultry sheds apply at end of daily fogging to increase effectiveness.

SHEDDING & FLOORS (excluding drinking & feeding equipment)

Use no less than 6 ml of BIO DINE per Litre apply diluted BIO DINE directly to relatively clean surface. Wash & Clean from top down. No need to rinse.


3mL of BIO DINE per litre of water. As per Shedding & Floors except rinse with potable water after 2 minutes.


7.5 ml of BIO DINE per litre. Clean as per usual then dip or spray diluted BIO DINE onto cleaned surface. No rinsing required.


  1. Use no less than 6 ml of BIO DINE per Litre.
  2. 60 ml per standard 10 litre foot bath.
  3. Pre clean footwear prior to immersing in bath.
  4. Allow 30 seconds soak & kill time before entering bio-zone.
  5. Tip: Use two baths. The first to remove soils and pre treat, the second to bolster.


  1. 0.8 ml per litre of drinking water, or 8mL per 10 litres.
  2. Dose should be thoroughly mixed and consumed with 48 hours.
  3. Discard unused solutions.


3mL of BIO DINE per litre of distilled water. Submerge eggs in solution for 2 minutes before removing & allowing to air dry.

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