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Marazyme BTC – Enzyme Cleaner

Marazyme BTC – Enzyme Cleaner

Product Code: AC9311

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 5L|20L|

MARAZYME BTC Enzyme Cleaner is a cleaning agent used in septic systems, Aaerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS), biological toilet systems, absorption trenches, grease traps & drains etc. This product contains bio active ingredients that eats fats, oils, grease and stains and has natural apple scent.

Use Recommendations

Septic Systems / AWTS / Absorption Trenches:

  • Add an initial prime of 4lt of MARAZYME BTC per septic tank via TOILETS AND DRAINS leading into the system.
  • For systems with multiple tanks or tanks larger than 6,000lt consult your Technical representative for application rates.
  • Continue with a maintenance program of 150ml of MARAZYME BTC per day per week.
  • A minimum period of 3-4 months is required to restore absorption trenches.

Grease Traps:

  • To maintain grease traps add 125ml of MARAZYME BTC per day via sink drains; follow with 1lt of water.
  • For grease traps with high discharge or larger than 1,000lt consult your Technical representative for application rates.
  • Allow sufficient time for drains to cool after final dishwasher use for the day.
  • Avoid using harsh chemical including chlorines or caustic cleaners.
  • Clean trap and line before using MARAZYME BTC.


  • Add 250ml of MARAZYME BTC mixed with 250ml of water to malodorous or blocked drains daily until cleared.
  • For best result apply to drain and leave overnight.
  • Avoid using harsh chemical chlorines or caustic cleaners.
  • Clean regularly with MARAZYME BTC to keep clear.

Toilet, Washroom & General cleaning:

  • Use as received daily as any normal toilet/urinal cleaner.
  • Dilute 100ml MARAZYME BTC per 1lt water (1:10) for general cleaning of hard surfaces including ablutions block applications like, showers, sinks, basins, benches, walls and floors.
  • Rinsing is recommended. For high pressure cleaning dilutions can be up to 1:50.

Odour Control:

  • Dilute 50ml MARAZYME BTC per 1lt water (1:20) to neutralize odour.
  • Spray affected area liberally with MARAZYME BTC as required.
  • Surfaces that are absorbent (e.g. wood, concrete) should be periodically washed with MARAZYME BTC to remove ingrained soils that produce and harbour the odour.

Effluent Ponds/ Lagoons:

  • For initial conditioning of ponds in poor condition consult your Technical representative for application rates based on pond capacity and effluent flow.
  • For maximum benefit MARAZYME BTC CONCENTRATED dilutions are required.
  • A healthy and efficient pond requires 1lt of MARAZYME BTC per 20,000 lt of effluent flow.
  • If pH fluctuates outside the range of pH 6.5 to pH 8.5 consult your Technical representative.


  • Spray landfill sites daily with 1lt of MARAZYME BTC per 1,000 M2.

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