Marazyme Shock Powder

Marazyme Shock Powder

Product Code: AC9315

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  • Hazardous & Non Dangerous
  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable Product
Available Sizes: 10KG|

MARAZYME SHOCK POWDER is designed to help initiate and maintain bacterial degradation and digestion of oil, grease and bottom sludge in water catchment and treatment areas.  Ideal for use in treatment ponds, grease traps, pools, tanks, interceptors, sewage lift stations, sewer lines and POTW systems.  This product not only helps aerobic digestion but also helps to reduce & eliminate odours such as Hydrogen Sulphide & Ammonia whilst helping to prevent corrosive acid attack on concrete piping and other pumping equipment.

Use Recommendations

Broadcast a small amount of MARAZYME SHOCK POWDER on to the surface of the ponds or tanks to cover the surface area. Most users treat ponds or tanks daily at a rate sufficient to cover surface with light coating.  The required dosage & frequency of application for an efficient treatment varies depending on volume, surface area, flow rate and temperature.  Regular treating is better than infrequent treating for optimum performance.  Consider also using slow release tablets for treating over weekends or holidays.

For grease traps the tanks must be recently cleaned or serviced to achieve the best results. Broadcast powder into empty tanks then use as normal and dose weekly or as required.  Use as per the technical advice specific to industry only.

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