Peroxy Acetic Acid – Proxitane

Peroxy Acetic Acid – Proxitane

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PEROXY ACETIC ACID (Peracetic acid (C2H4O3)) is a mixture of acetic acid (CH3COOH) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in solution which finds widespread use a cost effective NO RINSE sanitising solution in breweries, dairy farms, food processing & commercial laundries.

Use Recommendations

PEROXY ACETIC ACID is formulated to be used on pre-cleaned surfaces that contain no detergents or surfactants.  The products performance will be dramatically reduced if soils are present on the surface such as fats, oil, starches or vegetable matter.

Peroxyacetic acid sanitation is most efficient at pH’s below 7. The pH of a 1: 100 dilution of this product is about 3.0 and a 1: 500 dilution about ph 4.0. Temperature plays a factor in effectiveness of this product, for example at a temperature of 15°C and a pH value of 7, five times more peractetic acid is required to effectively deactivate pathogens than at a pH value of 7 and a temperature of 35°C.

Therefore working solutions should be ambient to warm (25 to 40°C). Exact dilution rates are determined on a case by case basis and Able Westchem does not normally determine what rate suits its customers requirements.

To achieve 200 ppm (maximum allowable by AQIS) add 4ml to 1 litre of warm water. The following table summarizes the approximate ppm for a given dilution.

Dilution Peracetic acid (ppm)

  • 1:10   5,000
  • 1:100  500
  • 1:250  200
  • 1:375  150
  • 1:500  100

Safety Phrase

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