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  • Hazardous & Non Dangerous
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SOLIGUARD is corrosion prevention and lubrication used in the food industry for on hooks & roller and machinery following the cleaning cycle.

Use Recommendations

Use & Dilution Recommendations: 


Use in last soak tank of the Hook cleaning process. Use neat in ambient bath or diluted to 10% to 20% solution in heated and pH-controlled bath according to your lubrication requirements or Technical Advice. Immerse clean hooks & rollers for 30 seconds, agitate and remove from dip tank & allow articles to drain & dry before reuse.


Use neat or diluted at ~20% with potable water on parts after degreasing & cleaning. Apply via spray, dip or swab method. Allow parts to drain & air-dry before handling, packing or storage. Rust-free storage for not less than 90 days under typical conditions.

LUBE OIL – Dilute 2 parts SOLIGUARD with 1-part HOT Water and mix well at high speed. Then add 1-part Cold water and mix well. Use as received and as required.

Safety Phrase

Use as required. Ensure correct PPE is worn.


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