Hijax – Detergent Bleach Powder

Hijax – Detergent Bleach Powder

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  • Hazardous & Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 500gm|10KG|5KG|20KG|

HIJAX is a free flowing, non-caking powder with combined powers of detergency scouring, bleaching, brightening and bactericidal properties.  Safe for hand cleaning and is a similar product to Ajax Cleaner.

Use Recommendations

In all household, commercial and institutional areas for stain, grease and dirt removal including bathrooms, toilets, ablution blocks, showers, sinks and food preparation area. Hijax will effectively remove stains and discolourations from porcelain, stainless steel, cutting boards, copper, brass, aluminium, tiles and concrete floors. Ideal for cleaning of grills and ovens (including combi ovens).

HIJAX should be sprinkled via a shaker bottle provided over a wetted surface, and scoured with a cloth, sponge or brush until the surface is clean. Rinse thoroughly afterwards with clean water.

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