Liquid Bleach 4%

Liquid Bleach 4%

Product Code: WC360

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  • Hazardous & Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 5L|20L|

LIQUID BLEACH 4% is a chlorinated cleaning, sanitizing and de-staining compound. The product removes stains, whitens clothes, kills bacteria and de-odorizes.

Use Recommendations

LIQUID BLEACH has a place on all ships, support vessels, rigs, port facilities and accommodation establishments. It has a multitude of applications in the marine industry but must be treated with caution given that it is a chlorine releasing compound. NEVER MIX this product or any other sodium hypochlorite product with other chemicals as hazardous and toxic gases may be produced.


To remove stubborn stains, disinfect and deodorize the bath, basin, shower recess, tiles, grouting, toilet seats and cistern. Use 20mls of product per litre of wash water.


Great for removing stains, killing bacteria and sanitizing food preparation surfaces. Use 20mls of product per litre of wash water. Discard used wash water regularly.


Excellent for whitening the whites (no colors) and disinfecting the washing and washing machine.


LIQUID BLEACH has many other application benefits. Cool rooms and refrigerators, tiled floors, bins and refuge locations. All can be cleaned and sanitized economically.

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