Liquiseal – Tyre Puncture Sealer

Liquiseal – Tyre Puncture Sealer

Product Code: AC139

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  • Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 20L|

LIQUISEAL is a Non-Flammable solution designed to eliminate punctures and leaking tyre valves in Commercial and Recreational Tyres. Capable of sealing nail holes in car tyres with easy this product is ideal for inclusion in your vehicles.

Use Recommendations

LIQUISEAL it is a safe and simple, puncture resistant sealant solution, used to combat the intrusion of such sharp and penetrating objects such as broken glass, nails, screws, metal objects, thereby eliminating the loss of tyre pressure through porous tyre casings, leaking valves, getting a slow puncture, or complete tyre deflation.

Use as received. The LIQUISEAL is first pumped into the tyre’s air cavity through its normal air inflation valve, where once all the air in that cavity has been replaced (Void-Free) by the tyre filling compound, is then taken up to the tyre’s recommended operating pressure.

When the liquid tyre filling compound is in a solid state, under the normal operating life of that tyre it will never leak, or go flat, despite any surface tread, or sidewall damage and intrusions.

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