Red Devil – Acid Detergent

Red Devil – Acid Detergent

Product Code: AC590

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  • Biodegradable Product
  • Dangerous
Available Sizes: 5L|20L|205L|1000L|

RED DEVIL is a blend of acids, surfactants and performance building agents formulated for the fast and efficient removal of rail dust, bull dust, pindan dust, water stains and iron ore dust from cars and truck paintwork, as well as marine equipment, structures, bricks, driveways, concrete and machinery.

Use Recommendations

RED DEVIL may be used neat, or diluted with up to 10 parts of water for removing red dust from vehicle paint work, synthetic floor mats and most hard surfaces.

We recommend a dilution rate of 1 part of Red Devil to 5 parts of water be trialed in an inconspicuous spot; the solution can be diluted further or strengthened according to the extent of the contamination. Swab surface, working from the bottom upwards and keep wet evenly until clean. Flush with fresh water. Ensure that the surface is uniformly covered as uneven application may produce streaking. This product will not normally harm seals or nylon or synthetic carpets but always do a trial or test area in an inconspicuous area first.

Photo Below shows 8 years of bore stain removed with just one coat of Red Devil. Patch on right hand side is from two coats of competing product.


Red Devil - Able Westchem


Red Devil - Able Westchem


Red Devil - Able Westchem

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