Tarzan – Plant Based Bitumen & Grease Remover

Tarzan – Plant Based Bitumen & Grease Remover

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 5L|20L|

TARZAN is a NON-HAZARDOUS readily biodegradable, plant based emulsifying liquid cleaner used for the safe & efficient removal of tar, asphalt, bitumen, grease, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, silicones & hydrocarbon road grime from vehicles, as well as equipment or almost any hard surface not harmed by water alone.

Use Recommendations

Ideal for use in all workshops as a spray cleaner for the toughest soils this product picks up where most water based degreasers fail – Finally there is a fully functional & non-hazardous replacement for conventional petrochemical solvent degreasers!

TARZAN has a molecular structure that mimics both bitumen and grease except it can be rinsed with water. Once this product has been applied to bitumen, tar, asphalt or grease it will penetrate, bond and suspend the contamination into the product then the mixture can simply wiped clean or can be blasted off with high pressure water. Once in contact with water the emulsion will break upon standing and can be separated off using conventional separation methods.

As a superior replacement for water based products and a direct replacement for often dangerous hydrocarbon solvents this product not only speeds up the whole cleaning action, but also it makes it easier and safer.

Use as received. Spray or coat (do not atomize) onto contamination; allow product to work for 1 – 10 minutes then, wipe off or blast clean with copious amounts of high pressure water. Heavy asphalt build ups may require agitation or a repeat application/s.

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