Triple 2 – AQIS Degreaser

Triple 2 – AQIS Degreaser

Product Code: AC222

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 5L|20L|205L|1000L|

TRIPLE 2 is a NON-HAZARDOUS food area safe, general purpose medium duty, water based alkaline cleaner that contains high levels of detergent and solvency in one product. This product is effective on most mineral soils and deposits and is ideal for for cleaning and degreasing sensitive equipment, floor, walls, pans, vessels, decks, oil rigs, vehicles, containers and engines.

Use Recommendations

TRIPLE 2 is safe on aluminium, steel, acrylic paint, magnesium and most plastics.

  • Containers dilute 1:20 Spray & Wipe Light Cleaning dilute 1:100
  • Upholstery dilute 1:20 Vehicles dilute 1:10
  • Vessels dilute 1:10 Vinyl cleaning dilute 20:1
  • Floor cleaning dilute 1:10 Motor Degreasing dilute 1:1
  • Rigs dilute 1:10 High pressure washing dilute 1.10

Prepare a diluted solution according to the extent of the contamination. Where possible use warm water as this works best. Apply by foaming unit, ventures, positive displacement pump, high pressure cleaners, mop & bucket, or sprayed directly onto surfaces using trigger sprays. Once applied allow time to dwell before agitating and then rinse off.

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