Neutra Brick

Neutra Brick

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Available Sizes: 5L|20L|

NEUTRA BRICK – ACID NEUTRALISER is a concentrated and economical solution that is used to neutralize mineral or organic acid residues after acid washing bricks, mortar, paving or stone to help prevent the common problem of white acid staining leaching to surface of brickwork and the like. This product also helps to prevent effervescence, internal rebar rusting and various other powdery layer crystal growth on brickwork.

Use Recommendations

NEUTRA BRICK is a concentrate. Use 1 Litre of NEUTRA BRICK to 9 Liters of water to make Ready-to-Use Solution. Once diluted use a garden sprayer or broom to evenly and generously apply solution over the brick wall so it is well wetted and soaks into wall but running down the wall.

Coverage rate is approximately 1L per m2 per coat. This coverage depends on the porosity of the bricks and mortar in the wall.

With the coats of applied NEUTRA BRICK solution allow these to work for 5 minutes each before finally washing down with low pressure water. The treated wall, when dry should then be tested with litmus paper to determine its finally pH which should be in the region of 7.0 -9.5.

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