Oxalic Acid Powder

Oxalic Acid Powder

Product Code: RM050

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  • Hazardous & Non Dangerous
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OXALIC ACID POWDER is a colourless crystalline solid that forms a colourless solution in water and is used for a variety of cleaning applications.

Use Recommendations

OXALIC ACID POWDER Cleans new and old timber prior to oiling, staining and painting, when a solution of 1 part Oxalic is added to 10 parts water and applied for 20 minutes then washed of with water.

OXALIC ACID POWDER has some success at removing both bore stains and rust however a purpose made product is nearly always better. To remove bore stains & rust make a solution of 1 part Oxalic to 10 with water and apply. Keep wet for 10 -20 minutes with solution and then wash clean with copious amount of water.

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