Agrispose – Concrete Exposed

Agrispose – Concrete Exposed

Product Code: WC90

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Low Phosphate Formulation
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 20L|

AGRISPOSE is a non hazardous concrete retarding concentrate used to produce exposed aggregate finish on freshly poured concrete.

Use Recommendations

SPRAYING ON: Use a garden sprayer to evenly apply the product onto freshly laid concrete.  Apply Agrispose as soon the Bleeding has finished but before the concrete has set.  Please note that the “bleed water” should be removed prior to applying Agrispose to prevent dilution of the product. Care must also be taken to protect the freshly treated surface from direct sunlight, warm winds or conditions that can cause the product to dry out.

REMOVING: Once the product has been applied, allow the concrete slab to partially cure for 2 to 12 hours (curing times vary greatly) and then broom and wash off top layer of concrete paste and Agrispose to expose the underlying aggregate. Care must be taken to ensure that Agrispose paste is removed within 2 -12 hours as the Agrispose will only retard the setting of the concrete for up to 24 hours and the concrete will set as normal to full strength otherwise.

Safety Phrase

Refer Label, TDS or SDS


Agrispose - Before - Able Westchem
Agrispose - After - Able Westchem

Safety Data Sheet

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