Inhibited HCL Descaler – Industrial Acid Cleaner

Inhibited HCL Descaler – Industrial Acid Cleaner

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strong>INHIBITED HCL DESCALER is a industrial acid cleaner that consists of penetrants, metal protectors and corrosion inhibitors along with ~32% Hydrochloric Acid. This product is used industrially to remove scale, lime, calcium, oxides, efflorescence, uric acid, bore stains, concrete dust and hard water deposits from a variety of surfaces. It is also Ideal for cleaning heat exchangers, removing rust and concrete from ship holds, descaling boilers and lines, bore stain removal, concrete clean-up, and as a heavy duty machinery cleaner for concrete trucks and alike.

Use Recommendations

This product is generally used at concentration from 1:5 to 1:20 parts water depending on application and it is highly recommended that the user application trial/s in an inconspicuous area prior to tacking the larger job at hand. The product can be used via immersion, swab or re circulation techniques. The time taken to descale most items is approximately 10-60 minutes. Such a wide time span is given because results vary depending primarily on scale type and build up, dilution ratio and temperature. Once a surface has been cleaned always flush with copious amounts of water to removal all acid residues.


  • Before using the product ensure the surface has been pre cleaned with appropriate cleaner to remove unwanted oil, grease and film as.
  • If the surface is porous (i.e. bore stain on brick wall) then the surface should be well wetted to avoid acid being wicked into the surface and creating a white haze in the days to following as minerals are leached to the surface. Repeated acid washing may damage some surfaces.
  • This product may etch, lighten or alter the color of tile, grout, stone and metal surfaces.
  • Allow all new grout, concrete, cement or masonry to cure per manufacturers specification before using.


  • Coloured Bricks: 1 part HCL Descaler to 20 parts water i.e dark bricks
  • Non Coloured Bricks: 1 part HCL Descaler to 10 parts water (lightly coloured bricks)
  • Heat Exchangers & Boilers: As required
  • Ship Hold: 1 part HCL Descaler to 30 parts water

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