Citric Acid Powder – Food Grade

Citric Acid Powder – Food Grade

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CITRIC ACID POWDER is a food grade weak organic tribasic acid that resembles coarse white sugar in appearance. Commonly used as a processing aid in the Food Industry or to lower pH industry or as a descaler for heat exchangers and industrial lines.

Use Recommendations

CITRIC ACID POWDER has numerous domestic and janitorial uses which include:

  1. Removing stains from stainless steel when used at 1 part to 9 parts water.
  2. Descale and disinfects inside of washing machine. In an empty washing machine simply add three tablespoons of citric acid, use hot water, and run on the longest cycle.
  3. Descale taps and shower doors, make a solution of one-liter warm water and three tablespoons citric acid. Make sure the acid is dissolved. Spray on let sit for five minutes and wipe clean.
  4. Get a sparkling clean toilet, simply take ¾ cup of citric acid and sprinkle into toilet. Leave in overnight. Do not flush. The next morning brush and flush.
  5. Get rid of wine stains, with one part citric acid and 2 parts baking soda. Sprinkle over the stain; mist with water, until it fizzes, let sit for five minutes, and then scrub away.

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