Combi Oven Rinse Aid – Automatic

Combi Oven Rinse Aid – Automatic

Product Code: WC84

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  • Low Phosphate Formulation
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 5L|20L|

COMBI OVEN RINSE AID is a rinse agent for automatic rinsing and neutralizing of combi ovens. This product is safe on seals and delicate internal of ALL commercial Combi-Ovens and can be used on to manually restore dull or rusted stainless steel.

Use Recommendations


  1. Use on the RINSE AID intake line (#2) at the concentration as automatically set by your machines.
  2. This product is the last chemical to be automatically drawn up (ie in rinse cycle not the cleaning cycle).


  1. To restore lustre and remove rust and scale from Stainless Steel simply apply neat or diluted product (120ml per 750ml spray bottle) to pre cleaned surface (ie after grease and oil has been removed) and agitate.
  2. Let stand for 5-10 minutes then wash off with copious amounts of clean water.

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