Power Plus Powder – Detergent

Power Plus Powder – Detergent

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  • Hazardous & Non Dangerous
  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable Product
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POWER PLUS is a concentrated medium duty detergent powder for the removal of grease, fat and heavy soils from floors, walls, ovens, cook tops, filters, combi ovens, equipment & drains.  This product is moderately safe on aluminium.

Use Recommendations

For NORMAL CLEANING operations, scrub with a solution of 6-12 gms of POWER PLUS per litre of warm to hot water. Rinse with clean water. HEAVILY SOILED FLOORS & COOK TOPS wet the surface and sprinkle POWER PLUS over it. Work product to dissolve and allow to soak for several minutes, then agitate and rinses off. SOAK BATH CLEANING For aluminium materials use at a rate of (up to) 200 grams per 1 litre of HOT water. For hard metals use at a rate of (up to) 400 grams per HOT water. These amounts may be varied under your own trials depending on the type of material, amount of soilage and soakage time (increasing dosage will reduce soak time). To UNBLOCK or CLEAN DRAINS, pre-dissolve at a rate of 1 kg in 5 litres of hot water then dispense down the drains. For COMBI OVEN cleaning use approximately 1/3 of a cup or 3-5 grams per litre of water in machine at start of cleaning cycle. Note: A too high dosage may stain soft metals & aluminium materials, so always do a trial to ensure compatibility.

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