Swift – Combined Cleaning Powder

Swift – Combined Cleaning Powder

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SWIFT is a combination cleaner, disinfectant, destainer and bleach. It is designed to instantly and simultaneously clean and disinfect highly contaminated surfaces. SWIFT exhibits broad spectrum bactericidal activity against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.

Use Recommendations

SWIFT is specifically designed for efficient cleaning and sanitising applications in the food processing industry, workplaces, homes, catering areas etc.

It can be used for washing and disinfecting toilets and washrooms, deodorising garbage cans, destaining crockery, bed pan sanitising, bleaching babies nappies, sanitising meat blocks, removing mould and mildew, and numerous other applications.

SWIFT is not recommended for use on aluminium.

For light duty cleaning and sanitising, pre-rinse with clean water then treat with 1-3 gms SWIFT per litre of warm water. This gives 80-240 parts per million of available chlorine.

For heavily soiled surfaces, use 12-24 gms SWIFT per litre of warm water or sprinkle onto wetted surface before scrubbing.

For disinfecting and deodorising operations, rinse surfaces with clean water, then use SWIFT at 2 – 3 gms per litre of warm water (120-200 p.p.m. available chlorine).

SWIFT solutions (3 gms/litre) may also be freshly prepared for soaking articles for up to 2 minutes to destain and disinfect.

In all of the above cases, rinsing is generally unnecessary unless on food-contact surfaces.

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