Ecosan – Cleaner & Degreaser

Ecosan – Cleaner & Degreaser

Product Code: AC607

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 5L|20L|

ECOSAN is a quick-breaking cleaner and degreasing disinfectant.  It is an environmentally responsible option for degreasing, general cleaning, and disinfecting in the automotive, maritime, mining and resource industries.

Use Recommendations

ECOSAN is safe on most surfaces not harmed by water alone; use ECOSAN with confidence on trucks, tankers, rigs, platforms, engines, plastics, steel, aluminium, painted surfaces, concrete and glass.

Apply ECOSAN by hand, ventures, positive displacement pumps, high pressure cleaners, foaming units, mop and bucket, or spray directly onto surfaces using trigger sprays or pressure packs.


  1. se as received or dilute 50/50 with warm water.
  2. Spray or brush onto contaminated surface.
  3. Allow two minutes soak time.
  4. Depending on soil contamination, some surfaces may require agitation prior to flushing or blasting off with water.
  5. For best results use hot or warm water to flush.


ECOSAN is versatile and may be used at dilutions ranging from 1:10 for extra heavy deposits and spot cleaning, to 1:100 for light duty cleaning applications. Use on cars, rigs, floor, benches etc


Use ECOSAN at a solution no weaker than 1:100 which is suitable for light duty disinfecting & cleaning of floors, wall, tiles etc. For extra heavy deposits and spot disinfecting use 1:10 with water.


  1. Use at rate of 1:20 with water.
  2. Immerse equipment in the solution, scrub with brush and rinse.
  3. Use a spray gun for spot cleaning or machine and or mop and bucket for floor cleaning.
  4. Always follow with a clean water rinse.

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