Marazyme Descaler

Marazyme Descaler

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  • Hazardous & Non Dangerous
  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable Product
Available Sizes: 5KG|20Kg|

MARAZYME-DESCALER is an organic acidic based powder formulated with enzymes and bacterial strains which effectively dissolve organic materials, hard water precipitates, rust and uric acid scales.

Use Recommendations

For regular scale control in high scale environments such as ships and mine sites add 50 grams (one scoop supplied with 5KG bucket) to the toilet bowl at least once a fortnight depending on water quality. Allow product to dissolve and stand for a minute or two, scrub/brush the bowl and then flush with water. Repeat this action if required.


Sprinkle product around the grate and effected areas, allow dissolving then scrubbing/brushing and flushing with water.


If scale formation in these locations occur you may find run off/discharge from toilets, sinks and showers become very slow. Add 100-150grams of product to the effected locations and allow dissolving. Contact time is important so leave stand for a minute or two before scrubbing/brushing and then flushing with water.


Add 50-100grams of product to a 10 litre container of hot water. Allow to dissolve and use the solution to scrub the effected surface areas then rinse with water.


Add 150-300 grams of product 10 litre container of hot water into a container or auto parts washer. Immerse item in the solution and allow time to work (15 minutes) before flushing clean with water.

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