Conseal – Natural Look Sealer

Conseal – Natural Look Sealer

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Non Dangerous
Available Sizes: 5L|20L|

CONSEAL is a water based sealant that is used to impart water resistance & surface protection properties to most porous building materials to maintain, enhance or preserve the materials original appearance & integrity.

Use Recommendations

CONSEAL may be used with confidence on most types of concrete, liquid limestone, clay bricks, reconstituted limestone, mortar, render, & grout. CONSEAL may also be used to build hydrophobic qualities into render, shotcrete, concrete blocks, artificial stones or other building components during manufacture at level of 0.6 to 6%. Note:CONSEAL is not suitable for sealing dense stone such as marble.

Use as received. Apply to clean surface by spraying, rolling or painting. Allow to dry and 24 hours to react invisibly with surface. One coat is usually sufficient for most surfaces.

COVERAGE: 1 litre treats between 30 to 50m2 of surface depending on application method and porosity of surface treated. CONSEAL when admixed during manufacture of concrete or render should be used at level of 0.6% to 6% to impart water proofing to the concrete.

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