Easy Coat Sealer – Gloss Seal

Easy Coat Sealer – Gloss Seal

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EASY COAT SEALER is a ready-to-use clear and semi viscous acrylic polymer and solvent emulsion formulated to provide economical coverage whilst imparting a lasting protective seal to most hard and/or porous surfaces.

Use Recommendations

NOTE: This product is highly flammable and should be used & stored away from ALL sources of flame or ignition.

Typical coverage is between 12 to 20 m2 per litre. Prior to application of EASY COAT SEALER it is vital to thoroughly clean the surface using an approved Able Westchem detergent and allow overnight to dry. Also if previous coatings have been applied these must be removed using the appropriate Able Westchem stripper (AC800).

EASY COAT SEALER should only be applied to clean dry surface. For most applications two coats is normally sufficient leaving at least an hour between coats, however, some surfaces may require further coats to provide an impervious coating.

EASY COAT SEALER should normally be applied using a lambs wool applicator or roller, or good quality paintbrush. Spray applications are not recommended because of fire risk however this product is compatible with this method of application otherwise. EASY COAT SEALER is NOT suitable for use on vinyl, cork, linoleum or timber surfaces. EASY COAT SEALER should only be applied to surfaces with temperatures between 10-30 degrees Celsius with moisture content between 5 -15%. A moisture meter is recommended to indicate curing conditions. Airflow is required to aid the drying process however too much air flow can cause the coating to dry too quickly.

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