Alkaline Cleaning Powder

Alkaline Cleaning Powder

Product Code: AC637

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  • Biodegradable Product
  • Dangerous
Available Sizes: 10KG|

ALKALINE CLEANING POWDER is an off-white powder with a pine odour and is formulated to remove paint, carbon, oils, grease and other obstinate soils from copper and ferrous metal.  Use via soak tank method.

Use Recommendations

ALKALINE CLEANING POWDER should be mixed slowly into cold water. Agitate to make sure all product is thoroughly dissolved. The bath should be constructed of mild steel and have a drain at the bottom of the tank to make dislodging and draining easier. Alloys and amphoteric metals cannot be used in this bath as they will react and seriously impair the solution performance. ALKALINE CLEANING POWDER should be used at 100gms per litre of water at 80°C if possible. Parts should be immersed the solution and agitated if an agitator is fitted to the bath. Parts should be rinsed with water to flush away residual product after removing from the bath. Use 100 to 200gms of the product to a litre of water if a cold and still bath is necessary. NOTE: Plan the bath to completely immerse the parts that need cleaning. The bath can be used repeatedly until it is completely attenuated.

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