Electrical Safety Solvent

Electrical Safety Solvent

Product Code: AC801

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ELECTRICAL SAFETY SOLVENT is a concentrated solvent cleaner for degreasing electrical equipment, metal parts and pipework. This product is compatible with most plastics and elastomers and is formulated to clean and leave no residue which may cause electrical conductivity. This specialty cleaning product is a NON-CORROSIVE and NON-CONDUCTIVE and does not contain hydrofluorocarbon (HFC’s). This product can be used to remove oils, grease, resins, cutting oils, gear oils, vacuum oils, waxes, mineral oils and a variety of other soils from most surfaces. Ideal for precision and specialty cleaning jobs like cleaning high value equipment, electrical components and circuit boards.

Use Recommendations

Use as you would use a solvent cleaner. Apply to electrically isolated equipment that is at room temperature. Apply via spray pack, immersion/dipping tank or any other safe method and allow. The soil should dissolve into solution and be rinsed away by product. After cleaning allow components to air dry for maximum non – conductivity.

Safety Phrase

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