Solvent Decarboniser

Solvent Decarboniser

Product Code: AC635

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SOLVENT DECARBONISER – AC635 is a yellow mobile liquid consisting of two phases with a thin top aqueous phase and a bottom solvent phase for soak bath cleaning. It is ideal for use to decarbonise carburettors, automotive engine parts, gears etc where they can be readily left immersed in a solvent bath.

Use Recommendations

AC635 is tipped directly into a suitable metal container without any dilution to act as a bath. The size of the bath is dependent on the number and the size of the parts to be cleaned. Parts must be totally immersed in the AC635 bath. The bath should not be agitated and be positioned in a cool well ventilated area. It is recommended that the parts be pre-cleaned before introducing them into the bath. They should be left soaking until the soils become loosen. The parts are then removed and hosed down with water. The AC635 bath can be used repeatedly until it shows obvious signs of lack of stripping ability.

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